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Suizhou City Liyuan auto trade limited company -- designated national special purpose vehicle manufacturing company, Dongfeng, Chu wind, earth special vehicle partners, the domestic well-known coach car, van, dump truck, lorry crane, truck assembly base. The company is located in the famous Chinese ancestor Shennong native place, village bells, modified car city -- Suizhou City, Hubei province. Mainly engaged in dump truck series, coach car series, Van series, Van series, warehouse gate car series over 10 varieties, hundreds of models. The company is committed to the pursuit of security, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, automation technology research and application, the emphasis on product aesthetics, economy and functionality, all through the ISO9001 quality certification and CCC certification, all products are national hair changes appoint the announcement list. The company strictly the quality pass. In terms of quality management, is to" quality service, making users satisfied with the products, tree well-known brand" quality policy for the enterprise. Factory, established in room ( workshop), class of three quality management system, and implementation of the quality system of job responsibility; two is a company of the main assembly and safety components to implement bidding procurement, strict requirements, and the association of the factory must be achieved ISO9000 certification and product quality assurance business, the company through the foreign assist factory product calibration, technological conditions, production license review before signed long-term supply contracts, to within a year the two quality defects of parts factory cancel qualification of form a complete set; the three is to strengthen the production processes in all aspects of quality control, strict implementation of each procedure of the documented work instructions system, according to the guide book strict inspection. The company spirit of " customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit of the goal of" the quality policy, to the " Limited sales, unlimited service" for the target, for you to design, I to manufacture according to your actual needs, tailored for your economic models. Wholeheartedly for the majority of users and dealers to provide quality products and attentive service, and sincerely hope that the majority of customers to join hands in creating a better tomorrow. Dump truck, coach cars, trucks, vans, trucks, warehouse gate car. The company warmly welcome new and old friends throughout the visit, business negotiations; at the same time, rely on your organization's responsibility to fax, or prepay part of car, preferences for delivery vehicle for business; to the car to the company, travel agency procedures.




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